Sacha Vs Ben Nye: Battle of the setting powders

I’m sure everyone and their mother has heard of Ben Nye Luxury Powder in the shade Banana. Supposedly this is what a lot of makeup artists use on celebrity clients to set concealer and highlight. Unfortunately, I find the Banana powder to be too chalky in texture, it doesn’t really leave a luxurious finish on the skin. Because of this, I’ve been on the search for the perfect yellow setting powder.

I find that yellow toned powders work really well on my skin color. I can use it as a under eye powder and a regular setting powder as well. This is why I really wanted to find a quality powder but in a yellow tone.

I am so happy I found the brand Sacha Cosmetics. It is a brand based out of Trinidad and is specifically geared towards women with exotic skin tones (yay!!).

The Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Setting powder is by far the most amazing powder I have come across. It is so smooth and creamy, it glides onto my skin. I love how the color is a lovely yellow shade that is pigmented and not chalky.

The swatch on the top is Sacha Cosmetics: You can tell how it is finer milled and an overall better powder.

The bottom swatch is Ben Nye Banana Powder: You can see how the texture is chalky and almost grainy. The particles of the powder are visible… not what I would call a luxury setting powder (sorry not sorry).

What are your favorite setting powders?



4 thoughts on “Sacha Vs Ben Nye: Battle of the setting powders

  1. Ben Nye is sooo over rated. BeneFit used to make a yellow setting powder called Bluff Dust. I loved that powder like it was a member of my family. Now, I used Laura Mercier loose setting powder. Truth? I hate it. If you use the tiniest bit too much, it’ll look like you’ve been rolling in flour. Luckily, Hourglass Immaculate foundation (holy grail!!) doesn’t require setting powder.


    1. I agree! I got it thinking it was going to be really good but the texture was a bit off, I’m so happy I found the Sacha one! I’ve been wanting to try LM loose powder, thanks for giving me the heads up now I’ll skip it haha. I have the LM under eye brightening powder which I like a lot! I love the hourglass ambient light powder but I haven’t tried any of their liquid foundations! I’ll have to have a look 😊

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  2. I have found Ben Nye banana powder an effective powder that does a lot. It is not for all skin colors, however if you are lucky enough for it to work it reduces shine, evens skin color, contours and hides dark under eye areas. I have been reading here about other powders available with Ben Nye


    1. That’s nice!! As a professional makeup artist I like the RMCA powder way more, it reduces shine is way finer milled and more luxurious. I’ve used the other Ben nye powders but they all have the same quality, even if it is a different color. Also as a woman of color golden tones look best as a highlight not yellow, depending on the depth of your skin tone!


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